• As a bar owner, you’re probably well aware of the risks that are inherent with serving customers alcohol. For example, a couple of intoxicated patrons may decide they want to fight each other, injuring themselves and innocent bystanders in the process. Or a patron that had one drink too many might refuse your bartender’s offer to call a cab and crash his car on the drive home. These are very real risks, and if your bar isn’t protected with liquor liability insurance, you could face serious lawsuits in these and other similar situations.
  • What is liquor liability insurance? Simply explained, it’s a special insurance policy that covers legal problems that might arise from patrons who are drinking legally at your bar, club, or restaurant. So, if those intoxicated patrons get in a fight and someone gets hurt, your bar is protected from a potentially bankrupting lawsuit. Same goes for someone crashing their car after they leave your establishment…or getting alcohol poisoning…or any other similar scenario.
  • Liquor liability insurance is absolutely essential for every bar. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that only about 35% of all bars and restaurants that need liquor liability insurance actually have a policy.
  • Why are 2 out of 3 bars putting themselves at such risk for lawsuits? There are a couple of reasons most businesses that need liquor liability insurance don’t have it.
  • First, some bar owners mistakenly believe that liquor liability insurance is included in their commercial liability insurance. It’s not.
  • Liquor liability insurance is typically sold as an add-on to an existing commercial liability policy or as its own separate policy altogether. Don’t let ignorance put your business at risk!
  • The other reason so many bars don’t have liquor liability insurance coverage is because of the high premiums these policies have. Look, there’s no denying that liquor liability insurance can be costly. But when you compare the cost of your policy to the exorbitant cost of even a single lawsuit, it’s 100% worth every penny.
  • If you don’t have liquor liability insurance and the worst happens, you could lose your business. It’s that simple.

How to Get Liquor Liability Insurance

  • Bar insurance is often very complex, so it’s important that you speak with an insurance agent who specializes in the hospitality industry.
  • Schedule a consultation with an experienced bar insurance agent to learn about your options for protecting your business with liquor liability insurance.

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