Restaurant Insurance in Texas

Opening a restaurant is difficult. It takes skills, dedication, and an interest in the food service industry. However, what is harder than opening a restaurant is making sure that it is protected. You do not want to work for years to build your business, only to one day have it crash down around you due to a small accident. Luckily, in the Texas area Food and Beverage Insurance Agency is there to help your restaurant. They can find you the right insurance at the right price and help you protect yourself and your restaurant. Insurance can be a messy process, but in the end protection is important.

It is not just the fancy restaurants that need all the coverage you can get, even the small family owned ones need restaurant insurance. Even those that you may not have thought of need specialized restaurant insurance to help protect them against things they may not be able to control.

How is Restaurant Insurance Different?

Restaurant insurance is a much more complicated affair than simple home or auto insurance. There are many other factors you must consider, and it gets even more complex if your business holds a liquor license. Restaurants must be prepared for lawsuits for food poisoning, accident liability, and, if they possess a liquor license, they must have even more specialized insurance.

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What Coverage Is Available?

There are many different kinds of coverage and policies available for restaurants that need insurance. You want to be covered correctly and completely now, not wait until there has been an accident.

Your agent should understand the needs of your business and accurately describe to you what kind of restaurant insurance coverages your business needs specifically.

BOP is a type of “umbrella” policy that covers basic insurance needs. It can include general liability insurance, property damage, and even loss of income coverage. This type of policy lets you build what you need.
The truth is, you do not know what problems or accidents you might run into. However, this type of insurance covers the basics that you may run into. It provides protection against lawsuits, building damage, and other various business related risks that come into play when you open a restaurant or any other type of business.
Owning a restaurant means you are going to be employee possibly a dozen or more people. This means that you now are responsible for their safety and need to ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident. Also known as Workman’s Comp; this insurance is for when an employee hurts themselves while on the job. This insurance will cover the medical bills of the injured employee and compensate them for lost wages during their time off.
Do you own a food truck, delivery van, or box truck? If the answer is yes, then this type of insurance may be for you. This will coverage damages to your vehicles and help ensure that you have them when you need them.

Of course, this is only a few of the options made available to you if you are in the food industry business. Always consult your agent to find out what restaurant insurance is best for your unique situation.

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Skilled agents take a personal interest in the success of your business and strive to help you financially gain, even in the event of an accident. By choosing insurance through FNBIA you will have friendly and dedicated professionals at your service, customized insurance for your Texas based restaurant.

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