• Being in the bar business comes with its own set of unique risks. Imagine if an intoxicated patron decides to start a fight, injuring himself and some innocent bystanders in the process. Or what if a bartender over-serves a customer and that leads to injury? Or what happens when an intoxicated customer refuses to get in a cab and gets in a car accident on the way home? The risks are endless, and the only way to protect your business is with the right bar insurance policy.
  • While you might already have general commercial liability insurance for your bar, the fact is that it’s woefully inadequate. While it might offer a basic level of protection, it won’t cover property damage of physical injuries that occur as a result of an intoxicated patron.
  • That’s why it’s important that you invest in a bar insurance policy that’s specifically designed to protect you against the unique set of risks you face in the hospitality business.
  • With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the different types of bar insurance you need in addition to your general liability policy to protect your business:

Liquor liability insurance

  • When your line of business involves serving people alcohol, there are some inherent risks, such as an intoxicated patron hurting themselves or someone else.

Assault and battery insurance

  • What happens if a fight breaks out in your bar and someone gets hurt? If it’s proven that you failed to provide a safe environment for your customers (e.g. you didn’t have a bouncer), you could be held liable for injuries and damages. Assault and battery liability insurance can cover you in such events.

Product liability insurance

  • If your bar serves alcohol or food that has been tainted in any way, you could be held liable for the patron’s medical bills and other punitive damages. Product liability insurance protects your bar against such costly claims.

Garage keepers liability insurance

  • Does your bar or club offer a valet service? If so, you need an insurance policy that will cover you in the event that a patron’s car is damaged while under your care. Garage keepers liability insurance is designed to do just that.
  • If you want to be successful in the bar business, you have to protect your investment the right way. Speak to a bar insurance agent with industry knowledge and experience to get your business the right coverage.

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