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Protect Your Business with Liquor Liability Insurance Texas

Liquor Liability Insurance

Protect Your Business with Liquor Liability Insurance Texas | Liquor Liability Event Coverage/Costs

If your establishment sells alcohol, you need to invest in liquor liability insurance Texas immediately. This vital coverage can protect your business against liability issues related to damage caused by intoxicated patrons. Without this critical coverage, your business’ future is at serious risk.

Imagine this: An intoxicated patron gets in a fight with another patron, severely injuring that individual. If that injured individual decided to sue your bar or restaurant and you didn’t have event liquor liability insurance, you’d be in serious trouble. Or what if that same intoxicated patron got in a car accident on the way home and injured or killed themselves or someone else?

That’s why it’s so important to have Texas liability insurance. Liquor liability coverage can protect your establishment in the most important way. Let the experts at Food & Beverage Insurance Agency help match you with the Texas liquor liability insurance plan that’s right for your needs. When bar owners in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio & Austin Texas, and all across the great state of Texas need liquor liability insurance, they turn to Food & Beverage Insurance Agency.

Why Choose FNBIA?

When it comes to choosing an agent for liquor liability coverage, you want someone with experience, knowledge, and a true commitment to serving your business. At FNBIA, we have experienced agents who have worked in the food and beverage industry and understand the unique intricacies of the business. When you choose FNBIA, you’ll enjoy:

  • Experienced insurance agents with industry-specific expertise
  • Excellent customer service every time
  • Great coverage at great prices
  • Customized Texas liquor liability insurance policies to fit your needs

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