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1209, 2016

5 Steps to Creating a Safe Work Environment

By |September 12th, 2016|Bar & Tavern Insurance, Bar Insurance, Restaurant Insurance|Comments Off on 5 Steps to Creating a Safe Work Environment

When it comes to the bar and restaurant business, the environment poses many various physical and psychological risks for employees. The numerous risks can range from minor injuries, poor safety conditions causing wounds and infections, to serious hazards such as fires. However, almost all of these dangerous and costly incidents can be prevented, and if not completely, the damage caused could at least be limited.

It is time to be proactive about creating a non-hazardous environment and promote safety in the workplace. Here are five things bars and restaurants owners/operators should start considering.
5 Steps to Creating a Safe Work Environment:

   Video Surveillance

Having video surveillance in the service areas can keep employees accountable when it comes to keeping the areas clean and following proper safety and hygiene guidelines and protocols.

In addition, when accidents actually do happen, managers can figure out what really happened and what caused the accidents in order to prevent […]

103, 2016

5 Tips on Insurance for Bars in Texas

By |March 1st, 2016|Bar & Tavern Insurance, Bar Insurance, Liquor Liability Insurance, News And Events|Comments Off on 5 Tips on Insurance for Bars in Texas

Owning your own bar or tavern in the “Lonestar State” can be a very rewarding – and a very lucrative – situation. And while mingling with customers, joining in the joy or heartbreak of your patrons based on how the big game ended and seeing new promotions or incentives pay off in sales can be satisfying, owning a bar isn’t all just fun and games. Insurance for bars can seem a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Yes, there’s a certain amount of risk associated with bar ownership that you have to be aware of also. Thankfully, your insurance coverage can eliminate much of this risk – but there are a lot of different aspects of coverage that you need to be mindful of when it comes to insuring your bar. Failure to have a certain type of coverage, for instance, can really come back to bite you.

In order […]

102, 2016

Insurance Policy Checkup: Is Your Restaurant Covered?

By |February 1st, 2016|Bar & Tavern Insurance, Bar Insurance, Liquor Liability Insurance, Pub Insurance, Restaurant Insurance, Special Event Liability|Comments Off on Insurance Policy Checkup: Is Your Restaurant Covered?

The right insurance policy may not always be fun to pay for, but it’s essential when it comes to protecting your property – or in this case, your business. Yes, when it comes to safeguarding your restaurant, there are a lot of different factors that you have to consider. This is especially true if your restaurant also includes a bar or serves alcohol. On that note, it’s always good to give your business a regular checkup to make sure that you’re covered to the extent that you should be. Read on for more information about the coverage that you can’t afford not to have if your business meets certain criteria.
Insurance Policy Must-Haves
If there’s one type of insurance that you want to make absolutely sure your restaurant has, it’s general liability. Specifically, general liability protects your business from both known and unknown risks. With general liability insurance, things like lawsuits resulting from […]

3011, 2015

Bar Insurance Budgeting Basics

By |November 30th, 2015|Bar & Tavern Insurance, Bar Insurance|Comments Off on Bar Insurance Budgeting Basics

There is so much more than meets the eye that goes along with owning and operating a successful bar in Sugar Land, Texas, or elsewhere in the U.S. for that matter. One thing that every bar, pub, beer garden, tavern, taproom, nightclub, alehouse, saloon, or sports bar that hopes to become successful needs is a solid insurance foundation.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t afford insurance because you’re just getting started or that there are more important things to invest in for your bar. The fact is, you can’t afford to be without bar insurance, especially bar liability coverage, in this litigious day and age. The good news is that insurance is more affordable than you’ve been led to believe – if you choose wisely and budget accordingly.

Understand How Bar Insurance Rates are Influenced

The more you understand about insurance rates and the things that affect them, the better able you […]

1109, 2014

4 Insurance Tips for Bar Owners

By |September 11th, 2014|Bar & Tavern Insurance|Comments Off on 4 Insurance Tips for Bar Owners

As a bar owner, you are responsible for the safety of your patrons and your employees. If a customer has a little bit too much to drink and crashes his car on the drive home, your bar could be sued to the tune of millions of dollars.

If an employee gets hurt on the job, it’s your business that will have to pay. With so many potential risks, it’s absolutely essential that you take the right steps to insure your bar and protect your business interests.

Here are some key bar insurance tips every tavern owner should heed:

1. Get liquor liability insurance

Serving alcohol to customers comes with a laundry list of risks. A buzzed customer could get in a fight and hurt another patron. Or he could get behind the wheel of his car and cause serious damage or even death to himself or someone else. And […]

509, 2014

How do I get Bar Insurance?

By |September 5th, 2014|Bar & Tavern Insurance|Comments Off on How do I get Bar Insurance?

Are you one of the estimated 65% of bars operating without the right bar insurance? If so, your entire business and livelihood is at stake. All it takes is one intoxicated patron to injure themselves, someone else, or property to land your bar in a lawsuit that could cost you everything. Needless to say, it’s just not worth the risk to not have bar insurance.

Of course, if you’ve never before shopped for bar insurance, getting started can be difficult.

How do you get bar insurance? Who should you trust to help you get the coverage you need to protect your bar? What kinds of questions should you ask your insurance agent?

Find an agent who specializes in the hospitality industry

The fact is that not just any insurance agent will be qualified to insure your bar. This is your livelihood at stake.

You want to make sure you’re working with an insurance […]

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