Nightclub Insurance

The Experts in Texas Bar Nightclub Insurance | Best Price on Insurance For Texas Night Club When choosing a business insurance broker, you need to find an agent that truly understands the unique needs of your industry. That’s why nightclubs across the state trust Food & Beverage Insurance Agency when they need Texas nightclub insurance. For years, the agents at FNBIA have been working to meet the insurance needs of nightclubs across Texas.

Property Insurance

Protect Your Assets with Restaurant and Bar Property Insurance in Texas At Food & Beverage Insurance Agency, we offer specialty insurance programs designed specifically for the restaurant and bar industry. When it comes to protecting your business, we offer restaurant and bar property insurance exclusively for bars, taverns, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants. With a custom designed business insurance plan for your establishment, you’ll be protected in the event that anything happens

Bar-and-Pub-InsuranceProtect Your Business with Liquor Liability Insurance Texas | Liquor Liability Event Coverage/Costs

Imagine this: An intoxicated patron gets in a fight with another patron, severely injuring that individual. If that injured individual decided to sue your bar or restaurant and you didn’t have event liquor liability insurance, you’d be in serious trouble. Or what if that same intoxicated patron got in a car accident on the way home and injured or killed themselves

Special Event Insurance

Special Events Insurance Coverage | Insurance For Special Events When your bar or nightclub hosts a special event or sponsored event, it’s important that you make sure you’re fully covered for the liability of the event. In most cases, these special events are beyond the scope of operations covered by the general liability or liquor liability insurance coverage your business already has, so you need extra protection. That’s where we can help.

The Clear Choice for Texas Restaurant Insurance | Insurance For Restaurant In Texas

Opening a restaurant is difficult. It takes skills, dedication, and an interest in the food service industry. However, what is harder than opening a restaurant is making sure that it is protected. You do not want to work for years to build your business, only to one day have it crash down around you due to a small accident. Luckily, in the Texas area Food and Beverage Insurance Agency is

The Specialists in Texas Bar Insurance | Wine/Pub Insurance Cost | Insurance For Bars

If you own a bar, pub, or other establishment with a liquor license you know that you are in a unique situation. Your business is not like others; you have to be a part of different guidelines and expectations in order to keep your license. Because of this, regular insurance just will not cut it. You need specialized services that will work for you and your business.