When it comes to the bar and restaurant business, the environment poses many various physical and psychological risks for employees. The numerous risks can range from minor injuries, poor safety conditions causing wounds and infections, to serious hazards such as fires. However, almost all of these dangerous and costly incidents can be prevented, and if not completely, the damage caused could at least be limited.

It is time to be proactive about creating a non-hazardous environment and promote safety in the workplace. Here are five things bars and restaurants owners/operators should start considering.

5 Steps to Creating a Safe Work Environment:

  1.    Video Surveillance

Having video surveillance in the service areas can keep employees accountable when it comes to keeping the areas clean and following proper safety and hygiene guidelines and protocols.

In addition, when accidents actually do happen, managers can figure out what really happened and what caused the accidents in order to prevent them from happening again in the future.

  1.    Daily Safety Inspections

Daily safety inspections can sound like a pain and seem like a tedious process, but it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Holding safety inspections before the workday begins or nightly at the end of the day can make sure that all equipment is working properly and allow employees to take care of all safety hazards. This will prevent countless injuries and potential lawsuits – so look to prevent problems before they happen.

  1.    Usage of Proper Supplies

Usage of necessary protective gear and clothing is a given, but making sure things such as oily rags and/or other grease or flammable materials are stored in metal containers with lids is another factor that needs to be considered when trying to prevent injuries and accidents.

Furthermore, tools like rubber coated handles, stools, and pour assist devices should be invested in to increase overall safety and limit injuries.

  1.    Installation of Smoke Alarms and Fire Sprinklers

Be prepared for the worst. A fire is one of the most hazardous accidents that can happen in this industry, and ideally, every owner should take precautions and prepare for fires.

The installation of smoke alarms and fire sprinklers is inexpensive and can control a fire in less time than it would take for a fire department to arrive on the scene.

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  1.    Thorough Training Processes for Staff

Accidents can happen, but in order for accidents to be properly handled and the consequences be minimized, well-trained staff members are needed.

Restaurant and bar owners and operators should provide and document thorough training for all staff members and highlight the importance of creating a safe workplace.

Lastly, make sure your business is insured. A comprehensive restaurant insurance policy could protect your building and its contents in the event of damage or a loss, cover your income if you have to stop working, and even protect you against lawsuits from patrons and employees.

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