If you own a bar, you have to get bar insurance. There’s no way around it. But choosing the right business insurance for your bar, tavern, pub, nightclub, wine bar, or other drinking establishment requires careful consideration and planning. It all starts with making sure you have the right information on hand to get setup with the right Texas bar insurance plan for your business.

With that in mind, here are some of the things you need to know before getting bar and pub insurance.


  • The value of the property and its contents—Imagine your bar just got destroyed overnight. What would it cost to replace everything? That includes the building, furnishings, beverages, coolers, point of sale systems, and everything else on the property. You need to know this figure.
  • The percentage of bar sales that will be alcohol—You’ll need to provide your insurer with evidence of your bar’s sales. In most cases, if more than half of your total sales are from alcohol, your premiums will be higher since your risk is higher. You’ll also need to note if your establishment sells food. This is something you must keep track of as a bar owner.
  • Employees—If you have employees, you’ll need to get workers’ compensation insurance and possibly health insurance.
  • Games and entertainment—If your bar has any games (darts, punching bag machine, etc.) or other entertainment options (like pyrotechnics, mechanical bull, foam machine, etc.), your bar insurance premiums will be higher.


These are just a few of the important things you need to know when choosing a bar insurance or pub insurance policy for your business. Remember, insuring your bar business properly will require liability insurance, liquor liability insurance, property insurance, employee theft insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and potentially other coverage.

With so many different factors in choosing business insurance for your bar, it’s important that you have an expert to help match you with the right coverage for your needs. The experienced, knowledgeable agents at Food & Beverage Insurance Agency can assist you with all your Texas bar insurance needs. Call us today at (832) 271-0790 for more information.