In the highly competitive dining business, restaurants are going to greater lengths than ever before to attract VIP diners and create unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. VIP diners demand special treatment. They want privacy first and foremost, and they want their every need catered to. Often times, creating a VIP experience extends into every part of the restaurant, from the initial design and restaurant buildout to the menu and special surprises along the way. For 2015, here are the trendiest VIP restaurant treatments being tested out across the world.

1. Secret entrances:

A-list celebrities and political figures prefer to enter into a restaurant without being noticed. They don’t want to deal with the fanfare that comes with being known across the world while trying to enjoy a meal with their family or friends. That’s why many top restaurants now offer secret VIP entrances that allow elite diners to sneak in without getting spotted. Sometimes, these private entrances lead to secluded, private dining spaces, allowing for a complete VIP experience from start to finish.

2. Private dining spaces:

Speaking of private dining spaces, high-end restaurants with VIP dining rooms attract star diners. As far as design and layout, private dining rooms in restaurants can vary greatly. Some restaurants may dedicate an entire second floor for a private dining space, keeping celebrity diners on a whole other level from regular customers. Other restaurants may create a secluded space in the corner that’s sectioned off from the main dining room.

3. Chef’s table seating:

Perhaps the trendiest VIP restaurant treatment for 2015 is chef’s table seating. In today’s age of the celebrity chef, VIP diners want to feel like they’re part of the action, getting an exclusive view of the activity in the kitchen. The chef’s table puts diners right in the kitchen, giving them the chance to interact with the chef preparing their meal. It’s front row, exclusive seating and a totally personalized dining experience the average customer doesn’t get to enjoy.

4. Personalized menus and dining options:

One way restaurants can reward their VIP diners is by giving them the opportunity to enjoy a totally personalized, exclusive menu tailored to their desires. And by custom designed, we really mean custom. When sitting at the chef’s table, the VIP diner gets exclusive access to the chef, allowing him or her to make special requests and have a meal prepared to their tastes. In many cases, chefs will experiment with new culinary creations, trying them out on diners whose opinions they trust and getting their feedback.

5. Best view in the house

From panoramic views of the cityscape to beachfront dining, some of the finest restaurants around the world offer beautiful views, particularly in their VIP areas. There are even some restaurants that combine secluded beachfront dining with a private chef experience for the diner, creating a beautiful, unforgettable dining experience.

6. Swag bags

This is where we start to really expand the notion of VIP dining. For some restaurants, the VIP experience goes beyond the food into a whole new territory. Some restaurants that cater to VIP diners actually reward their celebrity clientele with beautiful gift bags containing high-end gifts, from the latest tech gadgets to spa products. Talk about rewarding celebrities for coming into your restaurant!

7. Spa treatments

Yes, you’re reading this right. Some of the world’s finest restaurants now offer spa treatments on site. This opulent restaurant treatment is popular in Dubai. Diners can place their order and get a massage, manicure, or pedicure while waiting for their meal. Great food and pampering? Now, that’s the pinnacle of relaxation!

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For VIP diners, the possibilities are truly endless and limited only by the imagination!